Ivy Latimer was born in Sydney – NSW in 1994. She has acted since childhood, her talent is great. But do not think she was born with this gift. She attended of the Hunter School of Performing Arts in Broadmeadow (Newcastle), and there, his talent was confirmed.

His first appearance on Australian TV occurred at age 8 in the series “All Saints” (2002), from then it was only success! All (in fact, Australians) liked to see the girl on TV! His greatest success lasted until 2006, with his 11 years old in the series “Love My Way“. Then spent four years off the air…

Later, in 2010 (15 years old) she becomes a member of the Carlson family of the series: “Me and My Monsters” (children’s comedy), but still, great success as an actress, not back,I think the fact that Ivy stop being a child, is the reason people do not give more importance… But calm down, this does not apply to fans of Ivy!

But she did not give up his career and is currently working on the Australian TV Series: Mako Mermaids, and she will not gave up so soon, at most she may leave in after 2015 (i hope not) when the season 3 of Mako Mermaids have finished.


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